Nurturing Grass with Water Restrictions

With the hottest, driest season hitting us, it’s vital to keep your lawn healthy by taking care of it. The best way to combat the weather from destroying your grass is to water it correctly. With the water regulations in Georgetown, TX, you can actually irrigate your lawn efficiently without any disadvantage. Use these tips:

Water your lawn only when needed! While the city says you may only water your lawn twice a week, this is actually a plus. Only water when your grass starts to take a blue-gray tint or if the grass is not as springy as it once was.

Early in the morning is best. Georgetown prohibits irrigation systems to run from noon to 7 p.m. for a reason. Sprinklers are actually best used between 4 a.m. and 9 a.m. because the air is cooler and the wind is cooler. This way your water won’t evaporate as quickly nor will it be hot from sitting in the sun.

Don’t miss a spot! Sometimes your sprinkler setup may not be able to water every single part of your lawn properly. It’s best to make sure you’re not wasting water or ignoring parts of your lawn. Slopes and specific problem spots may simply need to be hand watered.

Monitor your lawn. While relying on sprinkler systems can be convenient, it is best to evaluate the health of your lawn. Greener Texas Lawn programs can actually analyze the condition of your soil and turf to recommend the best procedures for your home or business.

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