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Organic Lawn Care

Central Texans take pride in their lawns. Organic lawn care creates a beautiful, well maintained lawn that not only looks good, it also adds value to your home or business. Our neighborhoods are filled with weekend warriors who spend countless hours attempting to have their lawn look greener, thicker, and healthier than the one next door.

There is a “green” trend in America today. Radio, television, newspapers and magazines, the web… each remind us about the damage we continue to do to the environment around us.

Increasing numbers of homeowners are inquiring about low-impact environmental approaches to lawn care. Using natural or environmentally friendly products seems to be the direction many Americans are taking to maintain their lawns.

Organic lawn care programs begin with a commitment to the environment. They consider long term environmental concerns and include integrated pest management (IPM) practices, encourage recycling, and emphasize a more natural environment. There are also cultural practices built into every program to maintain a dense, healthy lawn:


  • Mow High
  • Water Deeply and Infrequently
  • Proper Fertilization
  • Be smart about weeds

Organic Lawn Care Starts with Healthy Soil

Greener Texas believes that a healthy soil grows healthy plants.

“Soil is the foundation for a healthy lawn. It is a living, dynamic, biologically active environment made up of millions of beneficial microorganisms that provide nutrients, water and oxygen to your lawn. Natural lawn care promotes the life and health of your soil.”

Greener Texas Organic Lawn Lawn Programs begin with an analysis of the condition of your soil and turf. We customize a green program with you by selecting from specially formulated nutrients, minerals, organics and slow release fertilizers. Our comprehensive approach create a turf that is naturally more resistant to disease, insects and weeds. If problems arise, targeted treatments are also available to address specific issues.

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