Sugar ants are pesky pests and can be difficult to eradicate. They are also known as banded sugar ants and are identified by their black heads, orange-brown bodies and mandibles. Although the sugar ant does migrate towards sugary foods, it also eats other tasty foods. Of course, those foods just might happen to be in your kitchen. Fortunately for our customers, Greener Texas, a professional pest control service, has had plenty of experience with these unruly house invaders and know exactly what needs to be done to take care of the problem. One of our satisfied customers had this to say about her experience with us on Yelp.

Not All Professional Pest Control Services Are Equal

“I had these sugar ants in my kitchen that another pest control company just did not seem to know how to treat them. That company came out (reluctantly) several times and the ants were not deterred. I called several companies and Greener Texas sounded [the] most knowledgeable and had [a] specific strategy with different pests. They came that week to treat the ants as well as the whole house. They came on time, worked hard, and were professional. All the issues were taken care of and I couldn’t be more pleased.”

-Olivia K.

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